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July 06 2014


Palestinian protesters vent their anger God howling three artillery promising! Three giants loot

The're coming! The remaining three major killers in Manchester broke constantly under brilliance against the background of the long forbear Balotelli finally situation improves, with a grain of common but important tip to break Wigan goal for the Blue Moon sounded the clarion call of victory. Pakistan has long repressed God did not defeat a big heart, Super Mario's first Premier League goal of the season late, he hung a stone heart can finally landed. Blue will double over the weekend, Manchester City luxury misfiring attack group collective crop failure, this is quite dissatisfied Mancini:! 'I do not remember how many times we pass, but not always in the restricted area of Manchester City striker team the four strikers should be more efforts, they need bigger killer line to the opponent penalty area, but not always in the hinterland of the edge of each cruise, which can not do! "24 days after the Manchester City starting lineup for the first time among the bar of God, is clearly written in the words of coach the heart. 10 minutes before the bar of God was the focus of care is difficult opponents ball, anxious Mancini injuries treated by Maicon short time, God confidential briefings on the sidelines for the Palestinian move really worked. The second half began to play the bar of God, the first 47 minutes made ​​him kick the frontier closed area, personally kick hit the wall. The first 52 minutes of the ball Silva, Maicon pass from the right point after Balotelli line closed, close the header wide. The first 67 minutes Balotelli and seize the body position in the penalty area, his Daoguajingou kicked Boyce was sentenced to dangerous actions. After 2 minutes, the final moment of the arrival of the bar of God: The first 69 minutes Silva cross, Barry low shot outside the restricted area arc caused Habbush net smash sell, Balotelli has been saved first blank range, fast response the tip of his nets again, break Habbush spectacular save. Pakistan bolted to celebrate after scoring God, wanton chest vent grievances, after all, he was really waiting for this day for too long! God's eye-catching performance of Pakistan, the media in the eyes, Goal.com 7.5 points for his play, and as Manchester City Man of the Match: "After a lingering frustration and setbacks, Balotelli scored a grain extremely important goal for Manchester City fans, this is definitely a good sign! "former Premier League this season, 13, the bar of God within 440 minutes of playing time 26 shots hit only three feet without a break, which so that he became anxious ants on a hot pan, because he lost shooting boots, while his rival is firepower: Tevez, Dzeko, Aguero scored a total of three in the league 17 goals . Pakistan God if he did not get angry, certainly will be less and less playing time, and is likely to lose confidence coach and fans. Fortunately, with Wigan a war, Pakistan finally broke out from the silence of God, complete self-salvation. Before the current round of the league, in addition to the endless stream of scandal around the bar of God is his transfer rumors. Inter president Massimo Moratti claims that God will not return to Pakistan Meazza, Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic headed bluntly hope to become teammates with the bar of God: "His undoubted talent at his age he has the potential to become the world's one of the top shooters, and I know he is very willing to work with me together again .Besides, when talking about Premier League youth soccer kits 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: cheapsocceruniforms.co.uk , many fans love the site. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news.. "AC Milan have also heard the bar of God and Pato swap news, although not as busy Diego Berlusconi to stand out of the rumor, but involves the transfer things have always been elusive, who promise them? Palestinian state in the doldrums of God when, still giants lost no olive branch to him, which shows the front of the hard power of the demon Italy. Although Mancini to cut the bar of God's tough love, but love will never give up on the behind: "He is now 22 years old, I hope he can improve in many ways as long as he buried worked hard, aggressive. Endeavour, is likely to become C Ronaldo, Messi as world class players! "breaking drought is the first step in the Long March of the bar of God, if he can grow up as quickly as possible to put more focus on football, the future will limitless!

Manchester City Champions League three draws and three losses hard to get a win in the Premier luminous blue moon only

At the European arena largest nest of non-cross team Manchester City must go. Blue Moon in the domestic league this season, nine wins, six draws unbeaten Champions League has three draws and three losses victorious, bottom panel plot only three points, and even the European Cup qualification did not groan, marking 20 years of war in Europe Premier League The first record of shame. Threshold Chinese children embarrassment European away nine straight forward to prepare for the Champions League Manchester City Manchester City Blue Moon of those firms just want a victory, a barely passing the transcripts, but the face of Dortmund "second team." Most of the main starter in the game Manchester City still can not find the North, not only shot six times, goalkeeper Hart was forced to make several saves, but eventually lost to Borussia Dortmund 0-1 in Group D at the bottom. Since returning to the Champions League last season, while unbeaten Manchester City barely maintained, but as long as the door is like the evil abroad, the club has lost to Borussia Dortmund nine consecutive away defeat of the war in Europe. If the first group match away to Real Madrid was only until the last few minutes Lianban two goals to reverse a pity, then lost to Ajax, and more particularly, the team really can not find any excuse to down. Manchester City this season, much worse than last season. Manchester City last season, also assigned to the group of death, with Bayern, Napoli and Villarreal compete for qualifying places, at least Despite wins over Manchester City at El Madrigal scored a victory yellow submarine, Blue Moon Ittihad flat in Naples, wins Villarreal and Bayern locked in advance of the first name, just cast off war Naples missed out tragedy. And last season, their points up to 10 points this season, but only a mere three points, the gap is very obvious. Fourth from bottom in the Premier League before the peace of mind to go home to play this season, the worst performance in the Champions League England team is Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn Rovers year spent 30 million pounds, piled out of a championship and participated in the 19951996 season's Champions League, they and Spartak Moscow, Legia Warsaw and Rosenborg with a group of points, with the final end of the war when Rosenborg New York Vail nine minutes to grab a hat-trick of wins before, but still 4 points bottom out. However, only the worst no worse, Manchester City this season, three draws and three losses failed one win, breaking the record of Blackburn to become the worst performing Champions League English Premier League champions, at least create a record: the first team in after the restructuring of the Champions League has not taken a win in the Premier League. In addition, Manchester City in this season's Champions League standings ranked fourth from the bottom, only a few Dinamo Zagreb, the city of Montpellier and North Xilanbiman points. But Manchester City to drop a lot of money, but more than this a few clubs. Since Sheikh Mansour took over Manchester City, just a transfer fee plus wages have spent no less than 500 million pounds, but in return for associating with Montpellier and his ilk, Mancini's future may be unfavorable. But the Italians are still looking for a step for himself: "In fact, we will advance out of the last round, the chance of the European Union really did not groan a bit disappointing, but it is clear that the result of our fight for the Premier League title very much. advantageous, because we do not have to Europa League distraction. "Does that mean that this is the result Mancini wants? "Mirror" a few days ago, Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli back to Italy and then turmoil, there is news that AC Milan intend to eat into the bar of God, and red-hot "Little Pharaoh 'Chaaraoui partner up front, but the news quickly is God's agent Layiaola Pakistan denied on the grounds that there is no bar of God's transfer fee of a club can afford. "Mirror" reported that Milan president Silvio Berlusconi appreciate the talent bar of God, in the winter transfer window intend to buy. Accel than red and black defender said: "Balotelli is a great player, he can play a role in any team, if he can come to the San Siro, I would be overjoyed fact, I am willing to go to England. . persuaded him to join "However, Pakistan God gave AC Milan agent Layiaola poured cold water:" Balotelli and priceless as the Mona Lisa's smile, and Manchester City's attitude has been very clear, that that they do not want to sell. Moreover, there is no which Italian club can afford .Besides, when talking about Premier League youth soccer kits 2016, the shirt can be found from this uk site: cheapsocceruniforms.co.uk , many fans love the site. Well, let's continue talking about england soccer news.. "Mona Lisa Smile everyone is familiar with Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece painting 50 years ago, it was valued £ 62 million, which today, the equivalent of 447 million pounds! Same opinion, nobody really affordable. Currently, a nice bar of God in Manchester and unhappy, probably during the European Cup burning too small universe's sake, since the start of this season, the state bar of God has been quite sluggish until the first 14 game against Wigan before attack into the season's first ball. Manchester City striker currently in the squad overall, the bar of God not only behind Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez, even once leaving the team to be cleaned almost Dzeko are ranked in front of him. In this regard, Pakistan also very appreciative of God's Milan coach Allegri said the bar of God it is a waste to stay in Manchester and wanted to introduce him with Chaaraoui partner up front. "I think both of them have contributed to the Italian national team," Allegri said, "Balotelli is a great player, his physical condition and technology are unmatched, but his qualities , I think he wasted a good few years time at Manchester City. "
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